Beware of Stroke Infarction which Threats Young Age

Stroke infarction or known as cerebral infarction is a condition of tissue damage in the brain due to not getting enough oxygen supply, due to obstruction of blood flow to the area. Stroke infarction is also called an ischemic stroke or non-hemorrhagic stroke, because it is different from a hemorrhagic stroke, the infarction stroke does not occur bleeding. Not only the elderly (elderly) are at risk of having a stroke infarction. Research shows, stroke infarction can even occur at a young age which is around 15-55 years, especially with certain risk factors, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, smoking and long-term alcohol consumption. Recognizing the Symptoms of Storke Infarction Stroke is a medical emergency, so it needs to be handled quickly and correctly. Early treatment measures in stroke infarction can minimize brain damage and potential complications. Beware of signs and symptoms of stroke, so that if symptoms appear, you can immediately see a doctor or emergenc…
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